Saturday, May 29, 2010

Future Military Weapons

Future Military Weapons
The F2000 rifle is a gas operated, rotating bolt, selective-fire weapon, featuring a polymer stock with a bull-pup layout. It utilizes a short-stroke gas piston and a 7-lug rotating bolt which locks into the barrel extension. The unique feature of the F2000 rifle is its patented front ejection system: the spent cases, extracted from the chamber, travel from the rear part of the gun to the ejection port near the muzzle via a special ejection tube and fall out of the gun at the safe distance from the shooters' face.

8 Megajoule Electromagnetic Railgun

Electrical magnetic energy is generated by the high voltage in a giant bank of flux capacitors that send electrical energy across upper and lower rails of pre-stressed steel bolts, creating a charge that has enough kinetic energy power to reach unbelievable speeds.

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